CATS is About to Get Even Better

Milo is the new version of CATS. It’s the same CATS you know and use every day, just better.

New features

  • Brand new design – a nicer looking interface that is updated and modern
  • Mobile access – so you still have your data, on the go
  • Improved reporting and interactive charts
  • Modernized calendar interface
  • Multiple career portals – great for separating jobs or having multiple languages
  • Faster interface – a completely new javascript framework
  • Faster viewing of resume previews – you now have the ability to click next and previous through resumes
  • New workflow creation interface – creating email templates and triggers are now faster than ever

What to Expect

  • All CATS users will be switched to the updated Milo interface in the upcoming weeks.
  • We will notify the site administrators prior to the switch being made on your account.
  • All users in your account will be switched over at the same time.
  • Your career portal will not change during the switch to Milo.