January Customer of the Month- The Trust for Public Land

CATS Software has nearly 1,800 customers, each with a different story. Every month we will be showcasing a different customer, sharing their unique story with the world.

We are happy to announce The Trust for Public Land as our January Customer of the Month. Bri Wenner (CATS) spent some time talking with Carrie Speckart (TPL) about their unique story and experience with CATS.

Bri (CATS): So tell us about The Trust for Public Land and what you do.

Carrie (TPL): The Trust for Public Land is a nationwide nonprofit organization made up of 365 employees, dedicated to connecting people to nature from the inner city to mountain top. We do that through real estate transactions to protect lands that are important to people, usually expanding open space in the suburbs and adding to or creating parks. We also build or revitalize parks in cities. In Chicago we did a project called “The 606”. It started as an old rail line not being used and we turned it into an above ground park and bike path. We found that by expanding our parks and creating a space for people to be outside creatives a lot of benefits for the community. People who have a great park close to home are healthier, happier, more resilient, and more connected to their communities. I had a candidate for the 606 say that they had a bike sitting in the garage for 6 years, hardly used, and they’ve been on it 5 times in the last month because they felt safe doing that now with the park.

Bri: How did TPL get started?

Carrie: Back in the early 1970s there were some lawyers involved in protecting a piece of property on the other side of Golden Gate Bridge, the Marin Headlands, from turning into a subdivision. They realized there are lots of nature conservations about protecting endangered species, but there were no environmental organizations dedicated to protecting land for people. So we are about habitat for people.

Bri: What differentiates your company from others in the industry?

Carrie: I think that creating parks for future generations and seeing people enjoy parks is uniquely satisfying. When kids don’t have a playground in their neighborhood, and they get one that’s awesome, watching them run out onto that field is unlike an experience you’ve ever seen. I don’t think anyone else does this kind of work the way we do.

Bri: Tell me about your role at the company.

Carrie: I am the Associate Director of Human Resources. I am a part of the six person team and act as an HR Generalist to support the staff in all of those ways. I also help with HR process improvement projects.

Bri: What is the most rewarding part about working for TPL?

Carrie: Seeing the kids running onto the playground for the first time is huge. I would also say the quality of my colleagues – they make it really easy to come to work every day.

Bri: Why did your company choose CATS?

Carrie: We were looking for a solution that was easy to use and customizable without being horrendously expensive. The quality and value you get out of the CATS system is huge. Also, the customer support team at CATS was very helpful with customizing our site and setting up integrations.

Bri: How has CATS changed the way you work?

Carrie: We didn’t have an ATS before CATS. So, it has been really great being able to move candidates from one opportunity to another so easily and transparently. If a candidate applies for a position that’s been filled, but I have another position that would be a fit for that person, I can just throw them in the que. I love that!

Bri: What is your favorite feature?

Carrie: Definitely how easy it is to pass candidates from one job to another and being able to filter the candidates. Those tools are really flexible and give us a lot of options.

All photos are property of  The Trust for Public Land.

About the CATS Customer of the Month:

CATS Software has nearly 1,800 customers, each with a different story. Every month we will be showcasing a different customer, sharing their unique story with the world. This gives us the chance to show our appreciation for our amazing customers and gain a better understanding of who they are, how they use CATS and where we can improve.

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