April Customer of the Month: Intermedia Group

We are happy to announce Intermedia Group as our April Customer of the Month. For over 20 years, Intermedia Group has been providing contract staffing, full time placement, and human capital management services for a variety of commercial and government clients. Bri Wenner (CATS) spent some time talking with Steve Fleischner (Intermedia Group) about their unique story and experience with CATS.

Bri (CATS): Tell me about Intermedia Group and what you guys do.

Steve (Intermedia Group): We are a staffing firm which places IT Consultants as well as a variety of non-IT resources for a wide range of industries and clients throughout the US. We pride ourselves in being generalists and we tell our customers that staffing and recruiting is our area of expertise. If you can recruit an apple, you can recruit an orange. If you can recruit in Pittsburgh you can recruit in L.A. That’s how we approach our business.

Bri: How did Intermedia Group get started?

Steve: In the 90’s I was working at a previous IT consulting firm that I started. My current partners brought their client base of large financial institutions in the New York Metro area, I brought my expertise in international recruiting and we got started. Eventually we got away from international recruiting and dove into more mainstream types of recruiting.

Bri: What differentiates your company from others in the industry?

Steve: I think it’s our recruiting methodology. When I started in this business, too long ago, the only tool you had was a telephone, there was no database or lists of information. So it was much more difficult to recruit and you really had to rely on your wits and communication skills. Jump to now, the tools are robust and plentiful. We employ a wide range of recruiting tactics to find the right person for the right job. As we are generalists, we try to keep in mind that everything works from time to time and we shouldn’t limit ourselves in how we go about finding candidates, and it’s been successful for us over the years.

Bri: What is your role at Intermedia Group?

Steve: I’m one of the founding partners and, at this point of time, I’m in a Managing Director role. We have the recruiting, sales, administrative and technology functions and I kind of sit on top of all that.

Bri: What is the best part about working for Intermedia Group?

Steve: In terms of Intermedia Group in general, we have a very hands-off management style. It’s not the type of organization where your boss is over your shoulder all day and you have to account for all of your time. There’s nothing wrong with that and some people do better in that type of environment, but we tend to hire the more independent, self motivated person.

Bri: Do you have any good recruiting stories?

Steve: I have this mantra, that I’ve always preached in the office: “Treat candidates as if they’re in 1st grade.” Not in a condescending way, but in terms of the level of details you share with candidates. If you had a seven-year-old and you were sending them to the store for the first time, you’d give them a hell of a lot of information. I think you have to do the same thing with candidates, because if a candidate is late, gets lost, they’re a no show, or any other problem happens, it’s always our fault, because we didn’t give them enough information.

So the story is this: We had a candidate on Route 81, traveling to Upstate New York and he calls us from the road a little bit lost and confused. Turns out that he had bypassed his exit, so simply, turn around and go back to his exit and that’s it. About three hours later he calls again and we’re figuring he’s calling to tell us how great the interview went. Nope, he’s still on Route 81, all the way in West Virginia! Moral of the story: stay on top of the logistics. Whether it’s reporting for work the first day, going to an interview, or whatever it is a candidate has to do. You must make sure that they have enough information.

Bri: How has CATS changed the way you work?

Steve: It’s given us a lot more coordination. It’s a tool that’s simple to use, yet it covers almost all the bases that a recruiter would need. On average we probably have between 50-60 active jobs at any one point. That’s a sizable workload and you need the proper organization, and CATS has given us a platform to help us stay organized.

About the CATS Customer of the Month:

CATS Software has nearly 1,800 customers, each with a different story. Every month we will be showcasing a different customer, sharing their unique story with the world. This gives us the chance to show our appreciation for our amazing customers and gain a better understanding of who they are, how they use CATS and where we can improve.