May Customer of the Month – PSR Associates

We are happy to announce PSR Associates as our May Customer of the Month.  We (CATS) spent some time talking with Sharon Ball (PSR Associates) about their unique story and experience with CATS.

CATS: Tell us about PSR Associates and what you do.

Sharon (PSR Associates): PSR is an IT staffing and consulting company. We are based in Atlanta and we have an office in Tampa, FL as well as few satellite offices in a few other states.

CATS: What differentiates your company from others in the industry?

Sharon: A few things differentiate us, but I’d definitely say the biggest differentiator is our culture. We tend to be very high touch when it comes to working with our employees, and we put a lot of importance on relationships and trust building. Even with some of our consultants working outside of Atlanta or Florida, we make sure they know we are their family even though we aren’t physically there.

CATS: What is your role at PSR?

Sharon: This year in June will be 5 years for me with the company. I started as the Director of Recruiting and from there moved into this VP role about a year ago. My role is to basically lead the entire recruiting unit, which includes onshore and offshore recruiting, as well as operations like HR functions.

CATS: What is the best part about working for PSR?

Sharon: You know, I think it’s just the camaraderie. We really feel like a family and enjoy working together. We also have a healthy work-life balance, which is very important. I think all of those things make PSR the kind of place where a person wants to stay and be for a while.

CATS: What can candidates do to standout?

Sharon: Obviously the resume is such a crucial thing, and I’m still amazed, and sometimes appalled, by how poorly written resumes can be. I think it’s important for candidates to remember that it all starts with that piece of paper. Most managers will give a resume 30 seconds, maybe a minute, and make a decision based on a quick glance. So that resume absolutely has to represent the person well and really showcase their talents and skills – and be error free.

CATS: Do you have any good recruiting stories?

Sharon: So there’s one story that I still remember to this day. There was a candidate that we were trying to recruit for a database administrator position. We were negotiating the salary, and every time I put out a number he would just go, “Well… a little more.” By the time we finally got to the real number, we were at 10 or 15 thousand dollars over where we started. I thought, “You know, you could’ve saved us this back and forth if you wouldn’t have done these tiny little increments and just been like, “Look I need about 10 grand more.” Even when I’ve thought I’ve seen it all, something comes along and it’s like, “Well, ok that’s a new one I haven’t heard!”

CATS: How has CATS changed the way you work?

Sharon: It has really helped us automate a lot of the things we were doing manually, which is a tremendous help. As a recruiter, any time that you can shave off minutes or hours it’s really valuable, because you know it can make the difference between catching a great candidate before the competition does. So those minutes make a difference.

CATS: What’s your favorite feature?

Sharon: It would definitely have to be email tags. I noticed that in the last year you added more options with the tags and I’m so glad you did. Now we can automate email messages and workflow triggers, and things like that, even more than we did in the past. We try to optimize all the features and really use everything we can to its fullest. So far it’s been a big help to us.