The Wide World of Social Media for Recruiters

In a story that relates well to my previous post about social media and recruiting, Chris Russell of Cheezhead has posted an updated version of his “social media recruiting starfish.” The starfish is a breakdown of nearly every social media resource that can be useful to recruiters. Some of the more interesting new sites are TalentSeekr, whose software targets passive candidates (essentially doing the job of a headhunter without the high cost), and Jobvite, which focuses on the power of social networks in referral hiring. The point of all these sites is to streamline the recruiting process; says Russell, “It is my contention that social media, done right, can greatly reduce a company’s reliance on the major job boards.”

Another great point brought up by Russell is that “social media works because it humanizes your company.” This is a benefit that cannot and should not be underestimated. Social media gives a voice to your company and products, as well as a voice to those who use them. We at CATS Applicant Tracking System are working on integrating with these Web 2.0 resources in order to better connect to our clients and to stay in the loop with the recruiting and HR industries. We’ve already gotten great responses to our company’s presence on Twitter, and things will only get better as we make our social media presence as comprehensive as possible.