Email your heart out

Today, we launched a pretty major overhaul of our email functionality. Once a “quick” fix for the growing needs of sending emails from directly within CATS, our existing Subject/Body fields were a little too minimal to get any real project done.

For a while now we’ve heard your requests for something better, and spoke with many users regarding their demands and requirements, and would like to think we have a pretty good solution for everyone. A few features we haven’t released yet will be coming soon to fill the rest of the cavity; I’ll speak of these later.

The new CATS tool, code-named “Email Blaster” essentially improves or replaces any single or multi-recipient mailing or mass-mailing tool. From within CATS, you can already build contact lists for your candidates or company contacts, you can perform advanced searches against your database. Now, with the results you build, you can start creating mailing campaigns.

You can blast a handful of recipients, then casually continue to add more recipients while never re-emailing anyone who’s received the message prior. Any recipient in the system will automatically have an activity log added to their record, with a preview option to view the full body of the email at a later date. Messages allow personalization, such as adding the recipient’s name to the top of the message.

CATS can handle attachments, opt-out functionality and can even tie in a job order with application links that point directly to your CATS integrated website. It can email any contact or candidate already in the system, or you can add additional email contacts manually or from a list (such as a text file with a list of email addresses).

Once an email campaign has been started, it can be reviewed later to view the number of recipients that clicked through to your integrated website as well as the number of recipients that completed the online application. You can also view the number of recipients that opted out of future messages.

Whether you’re emailing a single candidate or a thousand, the system is quick, sleek and responsive.

A Feature Soon to Come

A new feature we’ve been working on that should arrive shortly ties your existing email clients (Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird) into CATS as well as gives you an outlet to receive resumes via email.

CATS professional users will soon be given an email address in the format of, of course replacing yourname with your site’s name. Emails with resume attachments can be sent to this address and will automatically be parsed and added to the system as candidate records.

When sending emails to clients or candidates using your email client (i.e.: Outlook), simply BCC’ing the address will allow CATS to create the activity logs regarding the email automatically as well as saving the body of the email for later preview. This eliminates the need to manually send the email and then log in to CATS and write the activity log with a brief summary of the message — the entire message is saved and the entire step is skipped!

In Closing

Please continue to send us your requests, with the great ideas and feedback of our users, we will remain the most powerful and affordable Applicant Tracking System out there!