Let CATS be your Resume Inbox

We’re proud to announce the availability of email inboxes for CATS subscribers. This long requested feature is another step to bolster our campaign of greater email integration. Both new and existing CATS users have been given an email address in the format of resumes@<yourcompany>.catsone.com. Resumes emailed to this address will automatically be added to your candidates tab.

We understand that even the simplest task of downloading a resume and uploading it to CATS through the ‘Add Candidate’ feature can be a tedious one when you’re dealing with a dozens or more messages a day. Now, simply forward the vetted resumes your CATS inbox. Or, eliminate all of the hassle altogether and publish your CATS email inbox when you’re posting new jobs.

So how does this work? Ultimately, it’s pretty simple. CATS will parse relevant information from any resume attachment it receives. This information includes the name, address and other information in order to create a candidate record. It then attaches the resume to the new candidate record and makes it search-able.

But wait, there’s more! If the subject field of the email contains the name or the job order ID number of one of your job orders, then CATS will also add the new candidate to the pipeline of candidates in consideration for that position. Receive an email from a candidate who you think is perfect for an open position? Forward it to your CATS inbox and change the subject to the job order ID number — yet another tedious task avoided.

As with most of our improvements, our development is geared towards the requests of our users. We would like to thank every one of you that took time out of your day to write us an email about your feature requests. Hopefully, this and other future improvements will continue to help assure you that we do listen and that we do appreciate every message.