Efficiency attained via proper tools – Ask Southwest!

The United States practically has an airline company starting with every letter in the English alphabet. A lot of them, post 9/11 have shut down, but it is still busy skies over every major metropolitan city in the United States.  There are job losses at every major airline company, except Southwest Airlines.

How does Southwest attract almost 2300 applicants for every job and maintains to keep the best employees in the skies? Ready for this? Southwest’s secret: it encourages employees to be innovative, to communicate, understand, and care, to be individuals — mavericks even. Hats off to their HR Team, wait… they do not have a HR Team — carefully thought out, the HR Department at Southwest is called the “University of the People”. You might find it a little tacky, but it definitely works out for them! They must be doing something right with their hiring process, to get the right like-minded people on board with them. Southwest must use a slew of cutting edge technology to make this possible or something that is really effective. A strong Applicant Tracking System can bring Southwests’ efficiency in hiring to your business.

So you are obviously interested in attaining the same level of efficiency, right?  You want to make hiring painless, your time more effective and results fruitful? You’ve got to give CATS Applicant Tracking System a shot! It will make your life so much simpler. Instant results – starting from reducing the paperwork that sits around on your desk. Just use the CATS Toolbar for Firefox and add resumes and job profiles instantly to your CATS Application. Our pledge is to make this the easiest and the best product to ease your HR Woes.

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Written by – Sameer (The unbaised CATS Drummer)