The employable are unemployed – Recruiters act now!

Job losses in the United States are at an all time high. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, a division of the US Department of Labor cites that the number of unemployed persons rose by 592,000 to 9.4 Million in August. Over the past 12 Months, the number of unemployed persons have increased by 2.2 million and the rate has risen by 1.4 percentage points with the most increase in the last 4 months. The current rate of unemployment in the United States is 6.1 percent.

A lot of the unemployed are extremely employable — a chunk come from companies that made rash decisions like Bear Stearns, UBS, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and the latest addition to the club, Lehman Brothers. The economy as Peter Sellers would put it in the movie “Being There” is in its winter, spring is set to come soon when things change dramatically.

At CATS, we believe that it is time to be prepared for the change in the economy. There will be plenty of jobs out there to be filled and it is time to prepare for the onslaught. So, Recruiters and HR Personnel, check out CATS and experience what the efficiency of an Applicant Tracking System can do for your business. You will be ready to get the right person for the right job when the economy takes a turn for the better.