Organic Search – your gateway to increased ROI

In a fast moving world where people believe that everything has a price tag on it, there are still things out there that are free. One of them is getting your site up there with Organically. By getting your site up there, I mean getting it up on the Google Charts. CATSONE has done it, not a penny has been spent on Marketing and when you type in Applicant Tracking Systems, CATS is the first link that pops up on Google.  This defintiely means a lot for our business and gives us top notch visibility to millions of customers on the web.

The Fundamentals of Organic Search:

1. Greater Click through rate: It is a known fact that people trust Organic promotion when compared to a paid advertisement. Due to the contextual nature of organic search on engines such as Google or Yahoo!, your listings can focus on the point while offering several other relevant choices.

2. Focus on your Brand — and the rest will follow: The market is moving toward Organic Search to gain marketing benefits of promotion of their brand — and this is not just by smaller companies, even large corporations have been investing enough resources into marketing via organic search.

3. Greater Trust via Organic Search: Most people are quite skeptical of commercials on Television or a giant print ad in the local newspaper, there could very well be a catch involved somewhere. So, get a greater degree of trust via Organic Search — there are studies to prove this. Although Organic Search can be influenced, it still enjoys a higher position than a paid search. Since all that matters in the business world is ROI, fortunately Organic Search can give you a higher ROI.

4. Free! — Yes, Organic Search is free. So write those blogs, those forums and put your company out there.  Google has been adamant about not charging to be indexed and most other organic search engines also index for free — so go ahead and use these tools. Also tools such as Google Analytics help you track your users and see where they are coming from. Overall, all it takes is to have a SOLID product, a decent site with good quality content and links from third party sites.

So go ahead and Google your business’ keywords and see where they appear — you could do some tinkering to get your site up there.

A little bit about us now — We are a Software Company that brings to you an Applicant Tracking System that is parallel to none. CATS will help end your hiring woes and find the right person for the right job.