Bulletproof Jobs of 2008

I like eating out. I like eating out at the same place over and over till I have tried almost everything on the menu. The restaurant I frequented over the last month in my quest to find their best item on the menu was closed. Disappointed of course, I set on course to find out why the restaurant had closed and was told that the “recession like” economy struck them hard. The owner had a hard time making his payments and decided to call it a day. With large financial institutions not trusting one another (banks are having a hard time lending credit to one another) and crumbling to the force of the economy, it is hard not to see why a little mom n’ pop shop would not close. If Goliath falls, David will have to fall eventually.

So, what happens to the people at these jobs? The job market for big hitters in the industry is shirking, but there are a few “good” jobs that are bulletproof! Here are some of them — so, if you are in the right spot in your career and are willing to invest resources in finding yourself again or if you are embarking on your career search, the following options may interest you.


Historically speaking, as per the US Department of Education, teaching has been fairly bulletproof during recession times. Again, it depends on where you are teaching, of course a school in Midtown Manhattan is probably going to be less affected than a school in Hibbing, Minnesota. This stems down from State and Federal Level spending available for these institutions. But, overall teaching will be fairly bulletproof.

Health Care

Just because there is a recession, does not mean you will not fall sick. The Health Sector has been and will always be a solid ground for more jobs. The demand for not just full fledged Doctors and Nurses, but also for other positions such as Nursing Assistants, Medical Records Information Technicians and so forth is on the rise.


In the post 9/11 world, the world has invested a lot of resources in Security — so this is here to stay. Crime does not stop because of a recession, as a matter of fact it goes up. So you will see an increasing volume of investment in security jobs, whether it be the Military or private security companies, this genre of the job world is here to stay and grow.


With the increasing debate over energy independence and the shift to Green Fuels, the environmental sector will be very solid for a long time to come. Jobs for Environmental Engineers, Green Researchers and so forth are on the rise.

International Business

As Thomas Friedman puts it, the World is Flat, and in a flat world, trade and commerce have increased multifold. With this in mind, jobs for Bi and Multi-Lingual Business Analysts are on the rise. So, if you are an MBA with a diverse background and can speak Chinese, you may very well see a Bulletproof job.

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