Busyrecruiter Forums – Your one stop information portal

At CATS we not only look for the development of the best Applicant Tracking System and the role that it makes in making your life more easier, but also look to the development of this very vast community as well. With this in mind, we’re going to invest more into busyrecruiter forums.

What is BusyRecruiter Forums?

You need a document, perhaps a sample contract or need some sound advice in the HR world or need to check out new HR Software or just have a general question about the mood of the market — well, BusyRecruiter is your platform to get answers and ask questions — people who’d be answering are members who are immersed in the field to share with you the best possible advice.

Currently, the forum serves a number of our customers with questions they may have about the usability of the product, suggest features and so forth. We have been adding more resources into the forum, for example, we’d like to review all the Applicant Tracking Systems from a neutral no bias point of view — Yours! So, please go to busyrecruiter forums and talk recruiting, management or anything to take the load of your back when it comes to HR. We will soon have sample documents, templates and etc. just to make your life more simple.

So, as the forum administrator, I cordially invite you to check the world of busyrecruiter forums. See you there!