Change of culture in companies

Companies are changing their attitude toward recruitment and are coming with new ways to spread the word about the coolest hottest job they have in store for you. I spent the last 30 minutes going through the recruitment/ career pages of several companies — mainly the ones in the top tier bracket of the industry that I am currently immersed in, namely Yahoo! Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Sun Microsystems — all have the same tone. This is definitely something that Google started — a sense of freedom, a sense of ownership and a very non-corporate corporate attitude where work and play can be amalgamated to form “Woly” — yes that seems to be what very smart people do at these very different face of the American corporate empire — they work while they play and vice-versa.

This phenomenon has spread to other parts of the world, want to see something? We all have preconceived notions about what it would be like to work in China, India or Russia — a sense of bureaucracy and constant chain of command where you, for example an Engineer, would have to wait and sit on your ideas before it is channelled through the right areas and is implemented (that is if you are lucky!) Now, check out the attitude that the Multi National Corporations have in these formerly “rigid” countries — one good place to visit is the page for Google India jobs. This is the changing phase that needs to be adopted by companies in order to recruit the right talent for the roles that they have to offer.

Recruitment has become not just become difficult, it has become easy at the same time. The evidence to support is the vast amount of resources that are being invested into procuring the talent. The onus at this point is on the companies as opposed to the talent they are focusing on. So, if you want to hire the right people, and follow the trends that companies like Google are following, then make your offering more attractive – give it a work+play atmosphere. And when you find the right talent, don’t let it slip through the cracks — At CATS we focus on the premier applicant management and tracking system that helps you keep these candidates on the right path, get them through the screening process, interviews and land them that job. It is a win win situation for all three — Recruiters and HR win, the Companies win and the applicant as well.

Let me leave you with a video from Google where they talk about what their culture is and how they have evolved to be where they are.