How do you stand your commute?

I have a somewhat ugly commute. I’m sure there are people who can top mine, but I have a good 35 miles to drive into Bloomington in the morning, and again in the evening. This gives me from 45 minutes to an hour in the car with nothing to do but drive. In the winter, I’m afraid it’s going to get longer.

I used to listen to the radio, but my music tastes are limited, and I just lost interest. I then went on the search for something to listen to, and found some podcasts where they talk about Linux and other computer topics. I found a number of podcasts including The Linux Link Tech Show and The Linux Basement.Listening to shows like this is great because they are entertaining, and sometimes I learn some useful tips that they talk about. The only problem is that I can listen to them all in half a week, and then I’m out of shows to listen to.

Recently I saw that (actually tonight) Scott Sigler is going to be a guest on the Linux Link Tech Show.

He writes books and releases them in a podcast format for you to listen to in 30-40 minute chunks. I decided to check out some of his books, and they are awesome. I listened to one of his latest books called Infected in less than a week. They contain language and violence, and there is a warning at the beginning, but if you like that kind of stuff, I would recommend his books. They’re usually about 20-24 episodes long, so that gets me about a week.