Simply Hired Releases First-Quarter Job Stats

Cheezhead reported today on a first-quarter job trends survey released by Simply Hired, and the news is mediocre at best. The most competitive jobs are in high-skill positions like management, accounting, and analysis. Job seekers have increased in large metro areas like Chicago and Boston. In some areas, like Washington DC and Boston, available jobs have increased as well, albeit by a small percentage.

The report also showed that the least competitive job listings were for sales people and dental assistants. (I guess there will always be room for professional flossers.) In the aforementioned DC and Boston markets, “[t]ruck driver, sales representative and business analyst jobs became more available – as denoted by an increase in related listings by 45 percent, 12 percent and eight percent, respectively — to job seekers, while cashier and administrative assistant jobs dwindled, marked by a corresponding five percent and three percent drop in listings.”

It’s interesting how all of the news on jobs and hiring comes back around to one thing: too many A-level candidates, not enough A-level positions. Is there no end in sight?