Series 1: Office Pranks

It’s Friday… let’s have a little fun. Here’s Tony Sternberg with some office humor:

Series 1: Office Pranks

Building office camaraderie can be fun process. What better way to do this than with office pranks? For me, the best office pranks are the simple ones that can make even the geekiest computer people (::cough:: Andy/Andrew ::cough::) pause for a second before figuring it out. Here are some of my favorite pranks to play on my office bretheren:

1) Tape a small piece of paper on the bottom of the mouse over the laser pointer.

What happens: The cursor on the screen won’t move.

Target: My first victim for this prank was none other than Andy Mornes. Poor, unsuspecting Andy thought his mouse was broken. It wasn’t until he hunted down a new mouse and picked up his old one did he realize what had happened.

2) Switch the VGA/DVI plugs on the back of the computer around.

What happens: At CATS, we all use dual 24″ monitors during the day. Switching the plugs will flip-flop the monitors so you cannot drag your mouse through the middle anymore, you have to go off the edge of the screen.

Target: Since I had already played one of my pranks on Andy, it was Andrew’s turn for this one. He isn’t as bothered by the pranks as others, he is more annoyed by them. So, when pranking Andrew it’s all about making him do more work to fix it, and having him dig to the back of his computer and unscrew the monitor cables and switch them back is worth the extra work to set this up.

What are some pranks that you like to pull?

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