Cutting Overtime in Tight Budgets

While covering local news, one issue reporters like me dreaded covering was school district budgets.

Often, you’d get sent out to a meeting with no time to do any story-telling, and just get a bunch of talking heads talking about numbers that were meaningless to the average viewer. Don’t get me wrong — they mattered — but quite simply, they were boring stories.

They all had one theme: Tight Budgets and Big Cuts. What to cut, where to cut, and how much to cut.

Real up lifting stuff… (eye-roll)

Well, recently, one type of client we’ve had some success with here at CATS is (drumroll please): School Districts.

They are finding that our system allows for an easy workflow as they go through the rounds and rounds of hiring — especially as candidates get passed from committee to committee. In fact, one case study showed an ATS helped an Ontario School District 50% on overtime costs!

Quite simply, an ATS is a great solution to a school districts budget crisis. It’s certainly not a silver bullet — but I know from covering all those long budget meetings: Every little bit helps!

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