A Day in the Life of a Ping Pong Master

Here at CATS headquarters we recently made use of an extra office/conference room that we have by putting in a ping pong table. This has turned out to be a great 15 minute break from the computer screen once or twice a day to find out who in the office reigns supreme at the table. We basically play two different games of ping pong:

Traditional Ping Pong

This is the standard game that you have probably all played. Each player serves 5 times each, alternating back and forth until one player wins with a score of 21 (win by two).

Dirty (Wall) Pong

This was a game invented in the CATS breakroom due to the tight quarters we play in. When playing this version players use the same standard ping pong rules, except the walls are fair game. Serves still have to bounce on your side first, but you can hit your side, off the wall, and then on your opponents side. It makes for some interesting volleys and games.

After the first few weeks of pongin’, the results are in: Tony takes the crown with a XX-0 record (XX only because we stopped keeping track after 30 or so wins). How does one maintain a blemish-free record, you might ask? Simply follow these tried-and-true steps:

1) Stretch for at least 5 minutes prior to approaching the table.
2) Don’t warm up too much. About 3-5 minutes of volleying is sufficient.
3) Diet. Make sure you’re getting plenty of protein and watch the calorie intake. You need to maintain enough stamina to finish a few matches in a row and keep the weight down so that you can move quick enough to return any shots that come your way.

Following these simple steps will one day make you a ping pong master!