CATS At the End of a Decade

As a-typical as this may seem, we have decided to distinguish our blog with a “Year in Review” post. I know, it is radical but we like to be trend setters.

Okay, so our blog isn’t that creative, but we certainly have experienced enough this year to justify a recap.

Humbled by the state of the economy in 2009, CATS started 2010 with a new motto coined by our CEO; “Flat is the new up”. As long as business was not going down, everything was okay. Shortly after the turn of the year though, CATS Software experienced its first milestone as a business. To celebrate, the team took their first trip to Vegas in April!

2010 proceeded to offer a lot of unique opportunities for CATS Software Inc., which has resulted in the fastest growing Applicant Tracking System available. We have enjoyed every chance we have had to be involved with our customers and hear from industry professionals to help us offer the most convenient and easy to use system.

  • May brought us the privilege to be a sponsor for the #socialrecruiting summit right here in Minneapolis! The weather was gorgeous and attendance was spectacular.
  • In June, the CATS team had their second trip to Vegas as a proud sponsor of the 2010 Fordyce Forum. We were able to get great insight and feedback straight from industry professionals. Thousands of recruiters were in attendance to help make the 2010 conference the best yet.
  • The CATS Applicant Tracking System continued to thrive from August through December. This is thanks to all the collaborative efforts of our team. Everyone here takes a lot of pride and ownership in their work and the results always benefit our customers. Minnesota Recruiters is a social networking site for local recruiters to share ideas, resources and industry tips and we are happy to be a major sponsor of this forum.
  • We have expanded our Technical Support, Business and Software Development departments by adding some highly experienced and dedicated professionals.
  • We moved our Minneapolis headquarters into a new office and even had an interior designer come in to add some warmth and character in October. We really lucked out when we found Brittany at b-design and highly recommend her for any interior that needs a lift. The new Game Room with Nintendo Wii and Netflix gave our Development Team the relaxation and inspiration they needed to churn out a host of valuable system updates!

Our improvements and developments run far deeper than just aesthetics though. Significant improvements to our service came in the form of several new, powerful servers. Speeds are faster than ever, customer data is ultra secure and multiple fail-safes ensure service goes uninterrupted. We published a lighthearted blog in December about some of these improvements but mostly just wanted to poke fun at ourselves over the wondrous concept of a center aligned user interface!Besides the office our website got a new look as well. Our development team worked very hard to enhance the overall user experience of our website. We have seen a huge increase in hits since its inception in November.

All-in-all it has been a challenging and rewarding year for CATS Software Inc. We are very grateful for all of our customers and their insight, as well as our talented and motivated staff. We have a lot of momentum and are excited to carry it in to 2011.

What to look forward to in 2011

  • Total Virtualization (I don’t think we’ll be seeing the boss in the office anymore)
  • A new dashboard at log in with more detailed reports on more activities
  • Further advancement and development of our plug ins and new one’s to be announced
  • More language choices in the system for our ever-growing international presence
  • Job posting to new boards and more career portal-website integration options
  • More advanced and detailed reporting capabilities to better integrate with internal HR systems

We are happy to have all of you with us and are eager to learn how we can continue to help you achieve your hiring goals with less work. We wish you all the very best in the coming new year and new decade!