Make More International Placements with IER

There are a lot of challenges for U.S. based companies and recruiters to find great placements for European branches and clients; language barriers, opposing schedules, cultural differences. It is often too expensive to set up an office in Europe and keep it staffed with a team of recruiters too. So the next option for those who are recruiting and hiring internationally is to find a partner that is already well established and has a proven record of meeting client needs.

This week, CATS customer appreciation went to Germany to talk with Paul Pleus at International Executive Recruiting. Paul is founder and CEO of IER and has over 15 years of international leadership experience in sales, finance, IT, operations and international multi-project management.

In his last executive role, he was the project leader for a large international system implementation with more than 1000 employees, interim managers and contractors involved.

Most recruiters are specialized by industry or role, but for Paul the focus is strictly International Executives, no matter the field or industry. It is this focus that makes IER the ideal partner for U.S. recruiters and companies looking to expand their European and International placements.

His online presence and social network following speaks for itself and is one of Paul’s keys to success. His LinkedIn group, International Executive Recruiting – IER, has nearly 5,000 members and Paul himself boasts over 13,000 connections. Paul shared that his networking through social media has produced far more leads and helped build more relationships than any other marketing campaign. Here in The States, a lot of recruiters are still trying to figure out exactly how to utilize sites like LinkedInFacebook, Xing and others while Paul has expanded his network and business rapidly by reaching his audience where they are.

Here is a great opportunity for any U.S. based, international companies to join Paul’s tremendous network and relieve the challenges of hiring abroad. The same goes for any recruiters that are working on making Executive placements in Europe or Germany. You can tap the experience and vast connections Paul has established to grow your own international recruiting business. Check him out on FacebookLinkedInTwitter and Xing to see what opportunities are available to you!

What are some of the challenges your organization faces when trying to make foreign placements? How are you utilizing social media to grow your network, generate leads and build relationships with your clients?