Review: Trello - Project Management Tool

Many methods and tools are available for managing projects, which makes choosing a solution a tough task. We weren’t seeking a solution at CATS, but one morning a developer of ours, Aaron, came in talking about Trello, a uniquely simple, free web app for managing projects and tasks.

While our developers were split on its usefulness (and seem to have reverted to their old ways of paper lists and sticky notes), I love it and use it on a daily basis. Here’s why I love it and how I use it…

In Trello you organize your projects in what are called “boards.” Each board has multiple customizable columns, which have tasks within. For example, I have one board with the following columns:

To Do – For all of my tasks that have to be done.

Doing – When I’m working on a task from my To Do column, I drag it to this column so I can stay focused on what I need to be working on.

Tonight – If I am nearing the end of the work day and find there is some work I want to get done when I get home, I add it to this column.

Done – All completed tasks. I clear this out daily by adding my completed tasks to the archive.

Within the tasks you can add notes, activities, checklists, and a few other options.

Trello can do a lot more, including real-time collaboration that’s awesome for teams.

I recommend you try it out for yourself or team. It isn’t for everyone, but I have a feeling you’ll love it.