Improved Task and Attachment Management

CATS is always improving, whether through big feature enhancements or just adding polish to long-existing functionality. Today we took some time to rework attachments and tasks.

If you take a look at the attachments section on your records, you’ll notice a few new things. It is now possible to rename and copy existing attachments. We’ve also moved the tasks regarding records into this section.

Rename & Copy Attachments

Originally, attachments would be entered into your system as their filename and couldn’t be renamed without reimporting it. Now you can click “Rename” next to the attachment and enter something new. If you wanted to make a copy of an existing attachment, now you can click “Copy” next to it and the new one is created.

These improvements add even greater customization to the system and will improve your organization while also saving you time.

Simplified Task Layout

Attachment improvements aren’t the only thing to change today! Now if you have a task regarding a particular record, there is an indicator on top of the record and when clicked, you’re taken to the new activities section. You can identify higher priority tasks more easily based on their color.

These improvements are moving us closer to our planned upgrade on the submit to client functionality currently in the system.