CATS Metric: Mobile Candidate Experience

More and more job seekers are going mobile.

Last month over 13% of all traffic on CATS customer career portals was from mobile devices. That’s a 4% rise over one year ago.

Job site Indeed reports that more than one third of their candidate traffic is via mobile. That’s traffic you can’t ignore. 

CATS supports a mobile candidate experience.

Supporting mobile candidates on your career portal means implementing these fundamentals:

A mobile career portal where candidates can easily browse job descriptions.

It’s important that your career portal adapt to the device it’s being viewed on and make most of the space available on smaller screens. CATS optimizes your desktop portal slightly when viewed on a phone or tablet.

If you’re using the CATS default portals, you’re already supporting mobile! If you have a branded portal, you may need to make adjustments for mobile. I challenge you to go mobile with your company site and embrace this growing audience of applicants.

A mobile friendly job application form so they can easily apply.

Trying to fill out a job application on a website that isn’t mobile-friendly is a hassle. That’s why CATS job applications adapt to a user’s device. Users on a mobile phone see forms optimized for smaller screens and touch input. Fields are clearer and easier to complete. We also include Indeed Apply, which stores an applicants information and resume, and makes applying on mobile a breeze.

A way to support file upload on mobile devices

Many mobile phones do not support uploading files, which makes submitting a resume a challenge. CATS now lets candidates on all mobile devices, including tablets, grab their resume from external file hosting sites like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and Skydrive.

You can’t afford not to go mobile

With a growing number of mobile applicants, it’s important that your career portal support this growing audience. We understand this and CATS makes it easy for you to do, with minimal set up. If you aren’t signed up with CATS, it’s time. Sign up for a free trial.