Easy Work History Tracking

Work history tracking is now available on candidate records and in the job application editor.

This new feature allows CATS users to track candidate work history in a standardized and simpler manner, without needing to create many custom fields.

Adding this to an application automatically inserts multiple work history related fields for the applicant to complete. During the application setup, the user can select how many previous work history events to request from the candidate and how many of those sets are required. After the form is submitted, the information is stored in a work history section on the candidate’s profile.


Fields in each work history request contain:

  • Job title
  • Employer
  • Start and end dates
  • Location
  • Supervisor
  • Supervisor contact info
  • Reason for leaving

To add work history to your application

Navigate to the application editor and choose to add a question with the field type “Work History.” You’ll see a preview appear on the right side that changes with your settings.

On the application select how many work history items you’re requesting, how many of them are required to be filled out and even which fields within those are required.