2013: A Year in Review

2013 was a year of success for CATS and its community. We moved to a new data center and into a new office, attended HR Tech and launched CATS HR. Most importantly, we continued adding features and making improvements to the system to help our customers get their job done with ease.


Since the clock rolled over to 2013, a lot of data has been added into CATS.

  • 6,461,079 candidates
  • 2,556,868 portal applicants
  • 240,952 jobs
  • 25,372,162 activities
  • 7,480,034 attachments that equaled
  • 561.9 GB!
  • 110 cumulative years of time spent in CATS
  • 33,335,365 actions (pageviews, downloads, etc) in CATS

That’s a lot of data!

Top Posts

These are the top ten most popular posts this year.

10. Job Posting to Monster Added  – CATS supports posting to many external job posting services directly from the system. In this post, we cover the addition of Monster to the supported list. Take a look in your CATS account to see what the options are. As an administrator, just go to Settings > Administration > Job Posting Services.

9 Edit & Save CATS Documents in Google Drive  – The Google Drive integration makes editing candidate resumes a quick process and is ideal for recruiters to use for removing name and contact information prior to submitting a candidate.

8. Training Video: Searching In CATS  – Searching is one of the most important tools anyone hiring can use. This post includes a training video to demonstrate how to make use of the searching tools available within CATS.

7. CATS Recruiter & HR – What’s the Difference? – While CATS was used by recruiters from agencies and for internal hiring we realized the need for a slightly different feature set, which is where CATS HR came from. This post explains the small differences between the two products to help companies decide which one is right for them.

6. CATS Chrome Extension (Beta) Is Ready – We’ve long had an extension for Firefox that allows users to import candidates and contacts from sites like LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed and others. It was finally time to add this same functionality to the Chrome browser. Now users have a choice on which browser to use.

5. Make Quicker Placements with Daxtra Search Integration  – Our integration with Daxtra allows users to search multiple external candidate databases at one time to find matches for the current job openings.

4. Stay In-the-Know with Calendar Subscriptions – CATS has a built in calendar that houses all your scheduled events but this improvement allows users to subscribe to a calendar feed in order to have the events appear in external calendars.

3. Job Posting to LinkedIn Added  – A frequently requested feature, we added the ability to publish jobs from CATS directly to your LinkedIn account.

2. Awesome Submit to Client Functionality Replaces Old Method  – We improved the way recruiters submit candidates to their clients. This improvement created a page that the client visits to provide quick feedback.

1. CATS Has a New Name! – For April Fool’s day we thought we’d tout a new name and logo we picked for ourselves… RATS. The name even came with a great new logo!