Steamline Your Workflow With Email Integration

Save time, streamline your workflow and see all your data in CATS with the new email integration package. After a simple setup, email integration automatically logs messages from external email services to corresponding records in your CATS account.

No more switching between your inbox and CATS or pasting emails into the system. It handles incoming and outgoing messages to candidates and contacts.

Email integration supports most email services, including:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Godaddy
  • Outlook
  • and more

How does this work?

To set it up, you enter your email credentials into CATS. We encrypt this information for storage. CATS periodically checks for email messages to or from your candidates and contacts. When it finds a match, it logs an activity with the full contents of the email to the record and adds any relevant attachments.

Note: The system logs new messages. It does not log messages that were sent or received prior to enabling email integration.


To enable a free trial of this service on your existing account:

    1. Log in as an administrator.
    2. Select Settings > My Profile.
    3. Click Configure in the Email Integration section.
    4. Enter your email address in the new pop up screen when requested and click Next.
    5. The next screen attempts to automatically detect your email settings.
      In most cases, you’ll only need to enter the password you use with your email account in the Password field. If you are unsure what values should go into the email settings fields, contact your IT team or check the settings provided by your email provider.
    6. Click Save.
    7. The email settings are validated and if they are correct, you’ll be taken back to your profile.
    8. Success!