CATS Cartoon: CATS Can Help

Let’s face it, nobody likes filling out applications, writing resumes or coming up with unique cover letters.  Arguably just as much, HR personnel find it draining to go through countless application materials (keep in mind that on average, 144 people apply for entry-level positions and 89 for professional positions). Sure, there are many promising candidates among the bunch, but after a while they start blending together. As a result, those applications can start piling up, making the job even more daunting.

With CATS, there’s a solution to make the entire process much more efficient and so much less overwhelming.

Having the ability to customize your applications through CATS, you can ask succinct questions to bring more focus to specific traits and responsibilities you want the applicants to cover. This gets you right to the heart of the matter. Applicants know exactly what you’re looking for, instead of throwing a whole bunch of information, hoping some of it sticks.

But where does this leave the resumes? It’s estimated that recruiters only spend about six seconds skimming a resume before deciding if a candidate is worthwhile. CATS allows you to search within every one of them in your database, highlighting the keywords you’re looking for.  Although it’s likely a little more time will be spent on each resume, now it can be spent on the details most important to you.

No longer do you need to expect excessively long application answers that are just rehashes of resume points you didn’t read in the first place. Or multi-paged cover letters that lose focus. It’s easier, faster and more efficient. Not to mention, CATS has a feature to give each applicant a rating based on their answers, helping indicate which candidates are best.

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