Spamming Recruiters Beware

Of course none of you actually do this, right? Right?

There’s nothing wrong with cold calls and emails. In fact, it’s a great and proven way to get business. It builds essential skills and can lead to growing, cultivating and strengthening relationships — all wonderful things.

Spamming, on the other hand, has never been an acceptable business practice. And in the recruiting industry, it’s a surefire red flag for clients. While many businesses have their inboxes flooded with these “personalized” emails (and phone calls), at least one company has decided to “strike back” against spamming recruiters.

Dubbed “The Recruiter Black Hole,” the company 42Floors decided enough was enough. Whenever an unwelcome recruiter solicits a member of their staff, they are told to call this number:

(415) 534-6560

Their HR manager answers to assist the recruiter’s interest regarding company openings.

Only it’s not their HR manager. It’s not even a live rep — it’s a recording. “Derek” spends 11 minutes listing the requirements for five random jobs from Indeed, and then repeats the entire process another two times.

The performance is actually quite convincing, especially if you don’t try to interrupt his job descriptions.

“But how will that affect me?” you might ask. Well, because he doesn’t explicitly say he works for 42Floors, Derek could be the HR manager for any number of companies. In fact, 42Floors encourages the sharing of the number to combat spamming recruiters (bear in mind, the company is NOT anti-recruiters, just anti-spamming).

So be wary if you are told to call a company’s HR manager. Especially if it is a California number when the company is based in Indiana.

And if Derek answers without giving you much of an opportunity to talk, it might be a sign that you should reconsider your recruiting methods.