Comply with Canada's New Anti-Spam Laws

On July 1st, Canada’s new anti-spam laws will go into effect. Amongst other requirements, these laws will require individuals and businesses that partake in electronic communication to obtain consent from the party you’re emailing to contact them.

Here at CATS, we have many Canadian clients that expressed concerned about complying to these new laws. While our existing features would have allowed you to remain compliant, we realized that we could make some improvements to our email abilities that should make complying easier.

Available now, we have created an email opt in page for your candidates and contacts to be able to expressly opt in to your email communications. Along with this page is the ability to view or filter to the candidates that have opted in.

To access your opt in page, navigate to the Activities > Email Opt In/Out area in CATS. Here you’ll find links to both your opt in and opt out (unsubscribe) pages. CATS will automatically prevent you from emailing any candidates or contacts that have opted out of your email communications.

For more information on these new laws and how to comply, you can visit Canada’s official anti-spam legislation website.