Leo Update: Indeed Resume Search + Launching Early January

We’re excited to announce that Leo is launching in January 2015 and to give you a preview of Indeed Resume search. Leo is the newest version of CATS and includes a lot of exciting new features, including Indeed Resume search.

Leo Launch

Leo will launch in January on a rolling schedule, meaning users will be switched over to Leo in batches over a couple weeks. This is to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. Unfortunately we cannot tell you the exact date you’ll be switched over, but rest assured we’ll be making the transition as fast as we can.

The switch to Leo will be seamless and pain-free for users, no training required. You should be able to hop right in and make use of all that’s new. If you want to learn more about the Leo release and prep for launch, check out one of our upcoming Leo-specific webinars, wherein we’ll cover everything that’s new about Leo.

Indeed Resume Search

Indeed Resume is a popular resume database with millions of active job seekers and 2 million resumes added monthly. In Leo you can search for these external candidates directly from CATS. Use keyword and location to find the most relevant candidates and quickly preview resumes on the right pane. Add to CATS with a click of a button or contact them through Indeed. Indeed Resume is free to search, but there is a cost to contact candidates.