Leo Update: Candidate Preview

The new candidate preview in Leo is an exciting, time-saving feature that many of you have asked for. When you’re combing through candidate profiles in search results or checking new applicants in a job pipeline, it saves time to get a quick overview of a candidate without going to the full profile. Currently, previews are limited to the resume of the candidate. In Leo, you’ll be able to see resumes and much more, giving you a quick but detailed view of the candidate.

In addition to being able to view candidate details, resumes, applications, and activities at a quick glance, you can now interact with your search results by selecting records, editing basic profile information, choosing which resumes you want to view, and logging activities – all from the new preview screen.

We’re making a ton of progress on Leo and while we’re not quite ready to state an official release date, stay tuned to the blog for more updates in the near future.