Improve Your Email Marketing with Constant Contact

Here at CATS, we’re constantly improving our feature set. This week we are introducing an integration with popular email marketing tool Constant Contact.


With over 600,000 customers, we believe Constant Contact needed to work effortlessly with CATS in order to enhance our user experience. Our Constant Contact integration allows you to add candidates or contacts to your lists already created in Constant Contact. Getting started is easy.

To enable the integration, go to the Settings > Administration > Integrations area in CATS. Turn on the Constant Contact integration and enter your Constant Contact login credentials.

You will be able to add candidates or contacts to your lists in Constant Contact by clicking the Actions drop-down and selecting the Add to Constant Contact option. Select the list or create a new one you want to add your candidates or contacts to and start emailing.

Don’t forget, we also have integration support with MailChimp, another leading email marketing tool. At CATS, we use MailChimp on a daily basis to share valuable resources with our users. MailChimp is fairly simple to use, and has an abundance of analytic tools for your email campaigns.

If you haven’t started using these email marketing tools, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take your inbound marketing strategy to the next level. Sign up with either one and start reaching out to your customers!