Highlighting the Recent Changes to Grids

CATS is constantly improving, but not all improvements are major upgrades. Today we’re highlighting several small yet productivity-boosting changes to the grids in CATS.

Improved quick filters.

The goal of “quick filters” is to put the most-used filters at the top of grids for quick and easy searching. Prior to our grid changes, you could only select one value in any of the quick filters. We’ve extended those out so you can select multiple values.

This is especially useful when looking at your job order pipelines view. You can now easily filter your candidates down to ones at a particular status without adding complex filters. Choose from candidates that are currently at that status, have ever been at that status (historical), or are not at that status currently.

“# Results” drop-down now known as “Actions.”

Customers, especially new ones, often had trouble finding the mass action drop down on grids, so we renamed it “Actions” for clarity, and moved the total number of records to the left of it.

Larger, responsive search box.

Based on customer feedback, we have increased the size of the search box. It now expands to fit the space available, which helps if you have a larger monitor, allowing you to see longer, more complex Boolean search strings.

Filter shortcuts added to columns.

We’re always looking for ways to help you get at your data faster. Hover your mouse over any column header and click the “+” icon to immediately add a filter for that field.

Better filters on fields with predefined options.

“Drop-down,” “radio boxes” and “checkboxes” fields have predefined values. Now when you filter these types of fields you can select from the predefined options instead of having to type the text from memory. You can even select multiple values in the same filter. This also improves search performance.

We hope you find these changes useful in your everyday recruiting. Many of these changes were brought on by customer suggestions. Suggest your own improvements or vote on others by visiting our community feedback forum.