3 Simple Ways to Motivate Millennials

One of the most daunting tasks these days is finding a solution to motivate millennial employees. Roughly 80 million young Americans belong to this group (ages 18-35). While they are typically intelligent and tech-savvy, the average millennial can often be described as a self-indulging narcissistic who constantly takes selfies and Snapchats their friends every fifteen minutes. They tend to distrust traditional hierarchies and remain non-committal to any job they hold.

However, millennials are engaged in making the world a better place. They have positive goals for both the workplace and their lives at home. There are many ways millennials can make an impact in the office — it’s just about having the right environment for them to flourish. So what are the key ingredients in motivating millennial workers?

1. Inspire Millennials By Empowering Them

Assigning your employees with mundane tasks can create wear and tear on their motivational endeavors. Giving them a little freedom can go a long way. Allow team members to work on what they want or give them the ability to make an important decision. For example, if the company needs a project management application, let the employees have free reign to pick which software they want. Let them take charge of it, and they might just surprise you. Also, millennials tend to find quicker methods and shortcuts to get things done so they won’t have to waste any more time on a given task. As long as they are focused and engaged, they will exert higher productivity in the workplace.

2. Find A Balance Between Fun And Work

A full eight-hour workday can stress out any millennial as the workweek begins to unfold. Letting them wind down on certain hours of the day can help refuel their mind and spirit. Perhaps bringing in treats, letting them crack open a can of beer at the end of the day, or even playing an exciting board game, such as Catchphrase or Apples to Apples, can help everyone relax. It’s all about finding ways to relieve stress in the office so they can come back and start the next day refreshed.

3. Reward Them With Experiences Over Things

Memorable experiences usually trounce tangible rewards. Taking your staff team to Las Vegas will generate more positive emotions with a company than, say, buying them an iPad. Because when people reflect on their positive memories, having a blast in a Las Vegas nightclub will be more exciting than remembering the use of the iPad for the first time. Memorable experiences will inject the feeling of being appreciated within the organization and will likely reduce the employee turnover rate.

However, we’re not just talking about fun vacations. Sending employees to leadership and tech conferences can be just as rewarding. Millennials are usually hungry for more advice and leadership conferences can help satisfy their needs. It will keep them continually interested in learning and growing their abilities.

It’s incredibly simple to motivate millennials. Follow these tips and think outside of the box to create your own ways to increase productivity in the office. Remember, a happy workforce will bring upon an empowering workforce.