Save Time with Our New Spreadsheet Importer

Save time with our newly improved spreadsheet importer! New features include an updated user interface, the ability to create custom fields on the fly, and improved mapping of the spreadsheet data. We have also expanded the supported file types to include .xlsx, along with .xls and .csv files.

Suppose you have a spreadsheet with a list of contacts and companies. You can import them by clicking on Mass Import, which is located in the submenu of Job Orders, Candidates, Companies, or Contacts. Then select spreadsheet. Upload your file, and select a data type.

Once you have uploaded your file, you may notice that some of the fields are already mapped based on the data type you selected and the column headers in your spreadsheet. You will need to configure the rest of the fields by mapping your column headers to the correct fields. For example, below we have the column header “Company Name.” We’d like that to go into the “Company” field in CATS, so we’ve selected that option in the dropdown.


If you do not see the correct field, you can simply create one by hovering your mouse and selecting “Create Custom Field.” Don’t want to import a certain field? Just uncheck the box and CATS will leave that part out. When you’re finished, select “Continue to Preview.” This area will allow you to preview the first 10 rows of data that will be imported into CATS. If everything looks correct, you can start the import process. At that point, you can leave the page and return later without interrupting the process.

Once the import is complete, you get a detailed import summary that includes a tally of the data added, updated, and skipped. Below that, they are listed individually.