Feature Update: Automatically Publish Jobs to The Muse

CATS is proud to announce its integration with The Muse, a re-imagined career site that has helped over 50 million people improve their career and find a job at a company they love. You can now add jobs directly from CATS to your company profile on The Muse, making it easier to attract and track candidates.


The Muse was founded in 2012 after discovering that candidates would go through several rounds of interviews before realizing the company wasn’t a great fit. To solve this information gap, the Muse decided to present every job posting in a way that allows potential candidates to gain an understanding of the company culture and how the team operates.

To highlight a company’s unique culture and employee brand, The Muse creates video and picture-based employer profiles that give potential candidates a “behind the scenes” look at a company before they apply. Each company profile includes high quality multimedia of the office, employee profiles and their latest social media postings.

The Muse also offers free expert career advice to all users about resumes, cover letters, interview prep, and videos and podcasts from career advisors. They even offer free classes that help users build essential skills for career advancement plans. By creating original content and focusing on careers (not just jobs), they have created an audience of diverse, young, and tech-savvy users that stay active on The Muse well beyond their initial job search.

To set up the job posting integration with The Muse, your company must have an active profile on their site. Once you’ve setup a profile with The Muse, you can enable job postings to The Muse by logging into your CATS account, going to the Settings > Administration > Job Posting Services area. To learn more from The Muse about how they can help promote your employer brand, check them out here.