Feature Update - Checkr Integration and User Groups

CATS is excited to announce a new integration with our partners at Checkr. The integration allows users to easily order background checks directly from a candidate profile in CATS. Use Checkr to perform screens on criminal and driving records, employment verifications, drug tests, and more. To set up the Checkr integration, follow the instructions on our App Directory.

We are also rolling out a new feature called User Groups. As the name suggests, this will allow Administrators to create a group of users on the User Management page.


Each User Group will have a corresponding tag in the Workflow editor, which can be used to send triggered emails to all members of the group. Previously, you could only send triggered emails to specific users or email addresses. This new feature will make it easy to notify specific groups, or your entire team, the moment a status changes, ensuring everyone is in the loop on important changes to candidates or jobs.