How Time Blocking can Benefit Your Work Schedule

Time is money. As played out as that phrase is, there’s no getting around its relevancy, at least for recruiters. In your field, the question “What should I do now?” should never come up. Good time management is key, with recruiters constantly experimenting with scheduling techniques to increase efficiency. According to industry experts like Stacy Zapar, recruiters often find success in a technique known as time blocking. 

Time blocking (or “Calendar Chunking,” as Zapar calls it) is the practice of segmenting your day and dedicating each portion to a different task. It’s a promising solution to an ongoing problem in the workplace, albeit one that gets better with time and practice. Pre-determining your schedule helps to eliminate downtime and allows you to designate you-time between tasks. 


Don’t expect your first blocked out week to be your most efficient. Instead, be loose with each time block, taking note of what you complete early and what requires more time than allotted. Adjust the next week’s schedule accordingly. You should expect each week’s schedule to become more refined than the last, with adequate time for breaks peppered throughout the day. 

If you’ve ever twiddled your thumbs at work while thinking of what needs to be done, give time blocking a shot. Make a simple schedule for the upcoming work week and notate when and where you can improve your productivity.

Remember, an efficient recruiter is a wealthy recruiter.