4 Things Recruiters Should Do to Prepare for GDPR (Infographic)

The GDPR is quickly approaching! Prepare yourself with our helpful infographic that covers four best practices to follow before the GDPR takes effect on May 25th.

Know the terms. GDPR introduces and expands several definitions that recruiters should know. In addition to new terms such as Data Subject, Data Controller, and Data Processor, the definition for Personal Data is now broader and more catch-all. Chapter 1, Article 4 of the GDPR is full of terms, both new and updated that every recruiter should know. Review your stored data GDPR is retroactive, calling for recruiters to review any data they currently have on file. Any personal information from an EU citizen should be reviewed for its necessity. From candidates to applicants to mailing list recipients, every piece of identifiable data should be held for a specific task, and with permission from the data subject. Check your software’s compliance Everything your clients’ data touches must be GDPR compliant. If you use an applicant tracking system (ATS), customer relationship management system (CRM), or any type of marketing software, be sure check for confirmation that the software is GDPR-compliant. Set remi

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