Introducing Text Messaging in CATS

Starting today, CATS premium & legacy users (U.S. & Canada only) can choose a phone number and begin sending clients and candidates text messages without ever leaving CATS.

Reach Out in Real Time

In-browser texting support is one of the most requested features for ATS and CRM software. Nearly everyone in the U.S. has access to a mobile phone, making texting an effective way to reach out, even when candidates or clients don’t have internet access.

According to SMS marketing firm Txtsignal, marketing texts have an average open rate of 98 percent, while email only has an open rate of 20 percent. Candidates are also quicker to read text messages, as the majority of texts are read within 2 minutes.

Not only is SMS a faster way to communicate with clients and candidates, it’s also a useful way to avoid your messages getting lost in their spam filter. What’s more, it provides a discrete and secure alternative for those that are worried about online data security and cyberattacks, such as phishing scams.

To start texting candidates and clients, find the Configure SMS option in Settings, where you may activate SMS functionality and choose your CATS number. To learn more about how to setup and use SMS in CATS, visit our Help Center.

More to Come

SMS in CATS is just one of the many new features and improvements that we’re bringing in 2018 as part of our CATS 5.0 Nala update. Find out what else is coming in Nala!