Source Even Faster with the Redesigned Browser Extension

Here at CATS, we are dedicated to constantly improving our recruiting software to ensure that our users are able to source top talent swiftly and effortlessly. It’s that passion that has motivated the latest update in our ongoing CATS 5.0 Nala release.

The browser extension has been a staple feature of CATS for years, allowing users to source candidates on the fly. However, after careful review, we felt that it could be improved by increasing its speed and functionality. Now, it’s easier for users to source candidates at lightning-fast speeds.

Add Candidates to your Database Instantly

A browser extension is a extra little piece of software that provides you with new abilities and additional features to help streamline your online work. The most valuable browser extensions are able to improve time-consuming tasks and the upgraded CATS browser extension does just that for candidate sourcing. Our browser extension has always enabled CATS users to easily fill and manage their candidate databases, but now, it does that up to 10 times faster.  

Whenever you are sourcing candidates on popular professional sites and social networks—such as LinkedIn, Monster and CareerBuilder—open the browser extension, and it will appear on the right side of your browser window. If you are looking at a new candidate, you can automatically parse their information directly into CATS. If a candidate or contact already exists in your database, you will be asked if you would like to update the existing profile with any new information. What’s more, the browser extension remains open, which means that when you find a candidate you like, you can add them with just a click. 

The new CATS browser extension is now available on Chrome. To learn how to set it up, visit our Help Center.

More to Come

The upgraded browser extension is the latest feature that we’re introducing as part of CATS 5.0 Nala. Find out what else we have planned for Nala and how it can enhance your recruiting.