How @Mentions Makes for an Efficient Workplace

What do you do when you need to draw a colleague’s attention to something? For us in a small office, sometimes that means getting up, walking to their desk, and saying something like, “Hey Jeff, take a look at what this candidate said!” Usually it means that same conversation, but happening over Slack instead. At the end of the day, it means dislodging ourselves from the flow of our work and finding the focus again after that conversation is over.  

We’ve been working on an exciting new feature that will keep your flow going. Taking a page out of the Twitter and Facebook playbooks, we have added @ mentions to CATS! Here’s how they work:  

When you are logging an activity, creating a task, adding a quick note, or writing a calendar event description, press the “@” key. This will instantly bring up a list of users on your site:

Just select a user and keep typing!

The instant I am finished with my notes and save the activity, Anthony receives a notification from the browser that he’s been mentioned in an activity for Jon McCarter. He can click on the notification or on the item in the mentions menu:

This will take him straight to Jon McCarter’s profile, where the mention will be highlighted and scrolled to:

This notification system opens the door to all sorts of exciting possibilities - we built it with expansion in mind. Down the road we may add other types of notifications when you get mentioned, such as via Slack or SMS. Got a specific job you are interested in? We might be able to leverage this system to give members of your organization access to job updates.

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