4 Benefits of a Split Recruiting Network

Often in recruiting, the role consists of endless scouring of LinkedIn profiles and candidate lists trying to find that perfect placement match. However, sometimes this just isn’t possible. Whether you’re the one who found a good candidate or a solid new job position, sometimes finding the missing piece to the puzzle isn’t within reach. Enter: Split Network Recruitment.

What is a Split Recruitment Network?

According to a blog post from the federal reserve bank of Dallas, before COVID outbreaks, only 20% of people with full time jobs worked from home. So when COVID lockdowns started in March and many were either left furloughed or doing remote work, it was a big change to typical work habits.

A split recruiting network is an online crowdsourced community of recruiters that help make placements possible. Most often, there is a large community of candidates and jobs sitting in these networks waiting for matches to be made. When everything is said and done with the placements made, all the parties involved are benefitted. This in turn gives each person involved a piece of the pie.

It all boils down to two recruiters coming together and agreeing upon terms to split a placement. One being the supplier of the candidate (Exporter) and the other, the supplier of the job order (Importer).



What are the benefits of a Split Recruitment Network?

The Income - Every recruiter would rather make a full placement just to get that higher level of pay. However, most of the time that is not possible due to lack of knowledge, resources, or simply luck. So yes, the income is not a full placement - however you’re better off getting part of the benefits of a placement than none right? This can even come into play when there is an economic slowdown and the job market is more scarce. With fewer amounts of either job orders or candidates, it leaves opportunities open for some avenues for income.

A Balanced workflow - When it comes to recruiting, it can be difficult to manage the influx of job orders and candidates. Sometimes there's just going to be more of one than the other, and we’re here to tell you - that’s okay! Recruiting networks can help you balance this out, making sure that you don’t get overwhelmed with too many jobs or too many candidates. Split fee placements are a good way to stay on top of your recruiting workflow and keep a balanced recruiting process.

Happy hiring managers - Hiring managers don’t necessarily care where candidates you bring them are found, as long as they’re the right fit for the positions. Using a network of other experts in many areas could, in turn, increase your reach into new pockets of opportunity. For example, if you need a candidate in a certain geographic region or in a field you’re unfamiliar with that another recruiter in the network might be more knowledgeable in, the opportunity for an easy split is there.

Less competition, more of a helping hand - Essentially, this boils down to you using your “competition” for your own benefit rather than competing head to head for placements. This is how a lot of recruiting partnerships have started off and stuck together through their years of placements. Especially in an agency setting, this could allow less onboarding and more business opportunities if you have a network to fill in the gaps. Opening the door for camaraderie allows recruiters the chance to be able to learn from one another and create a community with recruiting expertise.

So as you can see, there are many reasons to join a split-fee network in today’s world of recruiting. As a CATS customer currently, you are granted access to Top Echelon’s Split-fee network without a starting fee. Learn more about this by signing up for our upcoming webinar, and consider signing up for the network membership today!


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