As 2021 starts off, you might be rethinking your strategies for the new year and the professional goals you would like to accomplish. A common goal for nearly every recruiter is to quickly and efficiently source more skilled, experienced candidates. To help you achieve that goal, here are six sourcing tools to bolster and supplement your recruiting process:

  1. Detective: Having a clear picture of who a potential candidate is can help inform how you approach them. Detective (formerly known as CharlieApp) combs through hundreds of online resources and compiles a detailed report on a candidate’s work history, common connections and information about the candidate’s interests. With the provided information, you can ensure that your messaging will be targeted and relevant to that candidate, which increases the likelihood that they will respond.
  2. Hiretual: At times, sourcing can feel like too big of a task for just one recruiter. That is why, to help you tackle any sourcing challenge, you should download Hiretual, an AI sourcing assistant. The tool enables you to create Boolean strings around specific jobs and candidate details to help you identify an ideal candidate. What’s more, the developers of Hiretual boast that their tool can help you source qualified candidates 10-times faster than you do now.
  3. Interseller: Finding the ideal candidate is a time-consuming process—especially if you have trouble contacting a potential candidate. Interseller helps you solve that problem by providing you with a valid email address for potential candidates that you find on popular social network sites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. In addition, the sourcing tool can integrate with applicant tracking systems (ATS) and transfer your candidate database into one central location.
  4. Talentbin: Currently, passive candidates make up the majority of the candidate database. Trying to source these individuals can be a challenge, as they are most likely comfortable with where they are professionally and they are not looking for new opportunities. Talentbin makes the process of sourcing passive candidates easier through granular Boolean searches and social media recruiting. If a potential passive candidate has a social media account, the sourcing tool will provide valuable information directly sourced for their accounts.
  5. Arya: Arya is an artificial intelligence (AI) developed by recruiters and promises to revolutionize the way that we complete both simple and complex tasks. With Arya, you are able to identify high-quality candidates by analyzing data and behavioral pattern recognition. Once a potential candidate has been identified, Arya will reach out to them with a personalized message to measure their interest. If a candidate is interested, the AI automatically places them into your candidate pipeline. What’s more, Arya can integrate with your current ATS.

These sourcing tools can help round-out your recruiting process, but the most beneficial and effective sourcing tool is a robust, comprehensive applicant tracking system, like CATS