9 Business Development Strategies for Staffing & Recruiting Agencies

Business development is key in making sure that you have success for your company moving into the future. Oftentimes, this can be overlooked by other parts of business or just boiled down to one-on-ones with leads. Having a set of strategies in place to be able to continually reach success is the best way to grow your business and find more clients in the long run.

Here are some strategies that recruiting firm leaders can and should use to grow their business:

Focus on the decision makers

The ones who are going to be making the decisions in a company’s hiring processes or have discretion over a budget is someone you want to be in talks with. This should be a focus of your efforts for contacting, make sure that the aim is at the heart of the decision making process.

A key to this strategy is making sure that you are involved with a few different people at certain organizations. Whether it is one person making the decisions or many, you should make sure the relationships you have with companies are multi-threaded. So if a key decision maker is not available or leaves an organization, you will still have at least one contact there.

From a point where you have contacts in place, you can discuss upcoming projects, hiring processes, financial events and more. Especially if there are pain points in some of their business, this could inform them about what their problems are. This is a place you as a recruiter can insert qualified individuals into the conversation. With a short list of candidates able and willing to work positions needed, this can open the door for a great placement opportunity.

Build Customer Relationships Quickly

Most times, it takes a while for relationships to form. You can’t rush a client relationship too much, otherwise it will seem forced and tarnish any possibilities of business. However, there are some more effective ways to initiate contact.


When scanning over clients and employees on LinkedIn, it is easy to simply scroll through different job titles. Instead, you should look at the employees responsibilities to see if they align with decision making. Roles between companies often differ and it can be difficult to determine what someone really does based on their title. This is often called “social touches” and can make connecting more efficient and meaningful.

Call & Email

Setting up an email cadence can help establish a presence in your potential clients inbox. By reaching out via phone and email, you can try to get through to them. If they aren’t available right away, leaving messages and following up in a professional manner is the best way to make sure that you can stay persistent, yet respectful.

Personalize your Messaging

As simple as it is to type out a template email and fill it out in an attempt to reach out, it can be much more meaningful to share a video. It is as simple as recording an introduction of yourself with your phone, being professional and having an appropriate setting and attire.

This can be a very easy way to make a message both personal and professional at the same time. Because so many people get typed-out emails on a daily basis, this can be the one thing that helps your messages stand out amongst a crowd. Services such as Loom capitalize on the idea that video can be quick, easy and effective when it comes to connecting with new clients.

Keep it short, sweet and personalized and you’ll be good to go.

Direct Mail Creativity

Most sales tools can capture physical addresses, but in combination with Google searches and prospect/company names, you can really hone in on an office or location. Direct mail can come at a cost usually, however if done right, it can leave a good impression on your potential clients.

You’ll just want to make sure that the addresses are correct to ensure that your money is being used correctly. Also, during a time when many people are working from home - this might be an obstacle that prevents you from using direct mail.

Capitalize on your team size

It can be daunting going out into the world of recruiting and wondering what to do or where to start. But using proper tactics like leveraging data, using personal touches and connecting with the right people can all be ways to get clients on board with your recruitment.

No matter whether you have a large team or a small team, the tools that recruiters use can heavily benefit the workflow you go through to track down job orders and candidates. Using an Applicant Tracking System can help you stay on task as a recruiting firm and keep your pipeline flowing from day 1!

Leverage Timely Data

As you move along in the client relationship process, you develop a rapport with the contacts you have. If there is someone who you are in contact with that is giving job orders to you, this can be an opportunity area. At this point, you can utilize data.

Depending on what the company is doing, you can leverage this information and put it to good use. So when it comes to company’s awards given out, earnings reports, funding, hiring plans, IPOs, open positions, partnerships, etc., the time to get after it is now! These events not only indicate change of budgets and priorities but also a possible opportunity for recruitment.

Where there is growth, there are opportunities. Those opportunities could mean more business for your recruitment firm!

Act quickly on prospects

It can take a toll constantly reaching out to potential clients for business opportunities, especially during a down time. However, it is best to act quickly if you find yourself in an opportune position.

Using things such as intent data can be really helpful. Since a lot of transactions happen online nowadays, many B2B buyers are learning about products from the internet and not just from a salesperson. Typically making a shortlist of their own in the minds, they can be making up their mind without ever actually speaking to anyone!

These potential clients are opportunities you might not ever know you missed out on. The key is to know which content these decision makers are consuming and learning from. From there, you can see how your recruitment fits their needs and be the first one to act on it.

Grow within current clients

Having existing clients to reach out to can often be low hanging fruit when it comes to recruiting. Especially if you have a good relationship with a certain contact, you can use that to open the door to other departments within.

Having success in a certain department would also give you credibility in going to other departments and presenting a value to them. You’re going to reach much more success when your outreach is relevant, so combining this with any additional information you have about the company’s needs - the better.

Use technology experience to leverage new business opportunities

In many different industries, there is no shortage of technology. It is being used in many different ways. Whether its a meeting scheduler, a task manager or another application - the expertise in the area might be a way to leverage certain candidates to employees.

Say that a candidate that was previously working for a company had an intermediate level of expertise using The Applicant Manager for HR professionals. Finding someone who had a similar level of expertise to fill that role would be really valuable for the company looking to gain that type of HR professional back.

This can also happen on bigger scales. With larger amounts of talent pools, you can have a shortlist of candidates ready for these opportunities when you can offer someone for the position that may have the desired qualifications.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to think innovatively about growing your recruiting business. Technology is the one factor that comes in to play to create opportunities that would otherwise not exist. By using some of these tactics, you can be sure to have some new avenues for business.

Whether you’re recruiting or staffing, it boils down to data, connecting and making your intentions clear from the get-go. You want to help them out, and these are simply just ways to get their attention and help them effectively.


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