5 Helpful Resources for Recruiters

Recruiting has undergone some great chances over the last few years. With the introduction of AI technology to recruiting softwares, and being highly affected by COVID-19 last year, it is sort of front and center. It still seems to be a growing and advancing field, with achievements being made and new strategies being deployed.

However, this will only increase due to the fact that the human capital management market is projected to boom to about $22.2 billion by 2023. This is great rapid growth, up from $13 billion - however - it will be hard to keep up with latest trends, news and all things current in the recruiting field.

In order to keep up with these ever-changing trends and times, there are a ton of great sources when it comes to news and information. Whether it be in podcast form, blog form, newsletters, online communities, you name it! This is a compiled list of things that can help you keep pace with the industry and things happening. Let’s take a look!

Newsletter: Recruiting Brainfood

Hung Lee was a longtime recruiter and big name in the industry. He created this newsletter format, Recruiting Brainfood, back in 2016. After a couple years and many different iterations of this newsletter have hit the web, he has gained over 10,000 subscribers. This is a place that many hiring practitioners have come around the globe seeking the latest information on recruiting.

When you subscribe to the newsletter, you receive a manually crafted newsletter chock full of articles, polls and jobs relevant to your industry needs. With social media you can find even more content and community on their Facebook page.

This community it seems, is very special in that everyone always seems to be engaged. Hung Lee himself even engages with recruiters every now and then in attempts to help or give feedback to those who want it. Likewise, the community is always participating in polls and conversations. Give this resource a try to have some fun and learn a thing or two!

Social Media: Recruiting Subreddit

The social network is notorious for active and online communities for discussion and posting. Known in other communities for its memes and fanfare, Reddit can be a great place to learn! The different subreddit channels of Reddit itself house almost every topic you can think of and more. No seriously, there’s some weird ones out there.

For recruiting is no different, and there is a great forum for people to chime in their latest problems or quarrels with the industry. With recruiters constantly throwing in their tips and tricks, others trying to land help financially, this helps prove the internet can be good sometimes, right? Go take a look and see how this community can give you an edge in your recruiting. It might take a little digging, but it's that work that helps payoff most times.

Blog: The Undercover Recruiter

In this, the The Undercover Recruiter, you will find a wide range of topics for attracting talent. With tags on their main blog page, it is made easy for any recruiter to find topics you want to learn about. With titles like, “How the Pandemic Has Affected the Future of Work” and “How Employee Benefits Will Change Post-Flexible Working”, you’re sure to find something that can help keep you motivated and on track.

Book: The Robot-Proof Recruiter: A Survival Guide for Recruitment and Sourcing Professionals by Katrina Collier

Offering expert guidance on the things that work in recruiting, it is a great tool for those struggling to keep up with technology. Let’s face it, technology is overwhelming and there is always something new to have to learn. But do we have time to learn everything? Absolutely not.

Learn through this book how to stand out in a world overloaded with technological advancements in recruiting, build up a strength in using your recruiting software instead of your Excel spreadsheets. Instead of ignoring technology completely, this is a great guide to help you utilize the tech that is out there to support you.

Podcast: The Recruiting Future

In this age of technology and seemingly endless tasks for working professionals, podcasts have become one of the most popularized forms of news and entertainment over the past few years. They are a great way to get free recruiting tools that you can listen to while cooking or driving your kids to school. Whether you want to learn technical skills or just hear case studies from industry experts, this is the place to go.

With more than 29 million podcasts, it can be really hard to narrow down the ones that you will want to listen to. This interview style podcast, Matt Alder's Recruiting Future Podcast, is a great listen. Providing insider information on industry experts with a wide range of topics, it can a great source of novel ideas for your recruiting workflow.

In Conclusion

Everything from newsletters and blogs, to books and podcasts! We hope this shortlist of resources for recruiters will help bring you some new ideas, closer to current events and culture, or help inspire your work for the future. Obviously there are plenty more out there, however, these are a great place to start to always keep learning.


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