CATS KPI Dashboard Release

We are excited to announce a new feature: The KPI Dashboard, along with it's associated widgets.

KPI, or Key performance indicators are common across all types of recruiting and used by both big and small companies to keep track of important milestones and goals. This can come in really handy when you need to look over previous weeks, months or years of recruiting placement data to find where your process could use some assistance.

Where to Find it in CATS

You can find the KPI dashboard by clicking the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of your dashboard page. Choose the KPI dashboard option to switch to it and you're good to go!

The KPI dashboard is made up of 12 different widgets, but just like our standard dashboard, you can add, remove and rearrange the widgets on this page to see exactly what you want to see. You can also add any of these new widgets to any of your existing dashboards by clicking the Add Widget button, and choosing a widget from the "Reporting and KPI's" category.

Configuring Widgets

You can rename a widget by giving it a custom title, and change the default goal to more accurately reflect your company’s process. Every widget is also able to be filtered to a more specific set of users, or user groups. Combining all of these options will let you configure a dashboard for specific people, teams, or even clients.

Below are some of the examples of widgets you can take advantage of through the KPI dashboard:

Activity Count

Letting you track things such as calls, emails, voicemails and SMS, this widget will help you keep track of the communications that your team is making across the board. Helpful for situations where you need to find out what your outreach looks like and where you can delve into new communication strategy.

Average Pipeline Size

This widget allows you to keep a count of the average number of candidates in a pipeline (as the title suggests). Handy for times when you need to relay pipeline data at the end of a quarter or year of performance.

Fill Rate

This widget allows you to check the percentage of jobs filled that you are waiting on. For future strategy and planning in your recruitment, this can be a great guide as far as planning out your future endeavors.

Activity Total

This widget allows you to choose which activity types you want to track, which a big recommendation would be that you can add multiple of the widgets to track calls, emails and SMS messages specifically.


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