What kind of Recruiting software do you need?

There are many names that applicant tracking systems go by. Recruiting software, ATS, executive search software, talent acquisition software, and so on. With so many different names out there, it can be hard to keep track of which is which.

At the end of the day, you just need software that fits your needs, right? Sometimes it's the feature set, sometimes it's the type of interface that suits you best, sometimes it's the customer support.

These things can seem miniscule separately, but together they make a great big difference on a daily basis. In this blog post, we’ll lay out exactly what it takes to make a recruiters life easier!

The Type of Software

Recruiting software and applicant tracking systems are usually the most common terms heard in the recruiting industry. These pieces of software are good for keeping track of your candidates and ensuring you are always on top of your recruiting game.

Executive search software is meant specifically for, well, executive recruiters. Being able to keep track of executives and C-suite candidates is the specialty of this software, and for most executive search professionals - this is the software they go with.

Last but not least, we have talent acquisition software, or HR Software. This term is typically used by in-house recruiters, corporate recruiters and Human Resource professionals. Instead of being more aggressive with their approach, these recruiters take the more reactive approach and are using things like job boards and job posting sites to bring in top talent.

The Features Needed

Depending on the type of recruiter you are, this will determine what kind of software you will need to be successful. Most recruiting software out there does a pretty good job of handling all responsibilities a general recruiter might need, but sometimes there is an emphasis on certain features.

For example, here at CATS, we have many users who are professional recruiters, as well as some hiring professionals. Sometimes it just takes the right features and usability and recruiters of all kinds will be good to go!

Here are some features that might determine what you need:

Job Order Tracking

This term will speak right to the professional recruiters out there. Whether you are a professional recruiter or a recruiter in an agency setting, being on top of job orders is a feature that is essential for business success. Especially in a candidate’s market as we are currently, many companies are looking for talent and will put out job orders for recruiters.

Job Boards + Job Posting

This isn’t necessarily exclusive to hiring professionals or talent acquisition specialists. This is done by internal corporate recruiters all the time. However, the majority of HR professionals post their own jobs to an internally run job board. Usually this is seen on their website and has a host of their available positions. Companies like The Applicant Manager are a great example of a software made for hiring professionals. The attracting piece of their software is key in getting candidates attracted to job boards.

Secure Databases

Most recruiting software out in the world has this capability, however sometimes there are charges, incompatibility issues, and lost data. As something that can really impact a recruiters livelihood, ensuring that data transfer and movability is important in finding the right system for you.

Benefits to look out for

Features aside, there are certain benefits that accompany most software systems out there. Depending on the size of your company, or what you need this could really change. Given the subjective nature of this, here are some benefits that you might find helpful in a solution:

Support Team

For many recruiters, if their software goes down -- that’s money lost. Picking a recruiting software that advertises good support is great to have. With most being able to fix any issues and bugs, this is a great way to ensure that you will have no major hiccups in using a solution.


The size of a company can really determine which sort of software is necessary. If your software can stretch and accommodate for size changes, that is a huge plus! Especially if additional users on accounts are needed for recruiting.

Staying Connected

Sometimes staying on top of your recruiting can be really difficult with a busy schedule. With email and calendar sync options along with SMS texting, there are many benefits that come with different softwares nowadays. These can help you manage your time that is essential to making placements.


After all of that reading, you might have a better understanding of what you want in a recruiting software. Using these details in a software program can really make all the difference in your everyday workflow. Being able to setup a process that you are comfortable with is key in being successful! We hope this list helped even though it wasn't exhaustive, but come back to our blog for more recruiting essentials each week!