Sourcing Refresh Tips for Recruiters

Getting through 2021 has been a rollercoaster in many different ways. With job markets being in flux, candidates changing positions everywhere and many making career moves to better their futures. At the end of the day, candidates just want to find the job that they need. So how do they find you, the recruiter?

As the recruiter, a question that probably gets asked interally a lot is: What can we do to recruit the best talent we can find? With many people resigning from their jobs earlier this year, we've noted that many people are on the job hunt -- but how can recruiters take advantage of these big changes?

The simple answer: Marketing

With a few tips, there are ways to make your positions highly marketable to candidates searching for new jobs. Getting many candidates to find the jobs you have available is half the battle in recruiting - getting them to engage is another thing. The way to power through is purely the marketing surrounding it, such as:

Reword Your Positions

Sometimes rethinking the way you display your positions and talk about the importance of them can really attract candidates. Instead of focusing on the skills required the whole time, spend some time on how the company culture, social responsibility, and other values can be of value to a candidate on the job prowl. Get rid of the boring technical jargon, candidates care about what's going to help them!

Update your Job's Page

This can really vary depending on the recruiter, agency or hiring manager. However, it can really have an effect on what people think when they find your positions online. Instead of just having job openings listed, include some employee testimonial content or photos + videos from a company event. Making this prominent will help you be sure that you're displaying more of what they want, than what you want as a recruiter. Keeping your careers page up to date, accessible to all, and making it feel welcome are some best practices.

Incentivize Referrals

One of the best ways to find long-term employees is through referrals. Getting your employees or other recruiters involved in a possible split network scenario is a good way to go. This can be a really good way to find candidates, whether you're an independent recruiter or in an HR setting.

Social Media

Another strong way of getting the word out on certain job postings can be social media. Using your social media as a recruiter can be really powerful. Platforms such as <a href"">LinkedIn</a> can be really helpful for sharing new jobs as people like and share, acting almost as simple referrals. This is the best place for professional referrals and sharing due to its business-like nature. Many people use it to share job postings and openings already, so this makes it a great online location for harnessing your connections you have made throughout the years.

Job Boards

As a recruiter, using job boards can be sort of tricky if you are an agency recruiter. Displaying jobs for a company as an independent recruiter can be a difficult task. Job boards online such as Indeed and Monster are some of the big names that many recruiters use. As in previous ideas, displaying identifiable information and the real benefits of the position and company are the best way to make you stand out. Let the brand speak for itself if you can let it -- within the description or even the logo on a job board. This can make all the difference in the end when a top-talent candidate finds your posting!

There isn't really a get-candidates-quick solution, however there are some helpful ways to make it possible to get better candidates. It all boils down to being able to really reflect on your companies brand and how you are able to display that. Also, it helps to make things more about how the job can benefit the candidate in their career. It isn't just another position being filled, this is part of someones career path and their daily life. Make it count where it matters most, and it can pay off!