How Recruiting Software can help Small Businesses

According to NerdWallet, Small businesses helped create 10.5 million jobs between 2000 and 2019. With such a booming sector, there can be turnover within the industry within a year of a business starting up. The few workers they hire and onboard need to count if they are to be successful. In a 2020 survey done by Union Bank, 72% of Americans said supporting a small business was more important than getting the best deal.

2020 definitely brought hardship for many small business owners who couldn't survive lockdowns and the lack of organic revenue. While many businesses were forced to close, the year also brought in a flood of new applications. Around 4.3 million business applications were filed in 2020 alone: higher than any year from 2010-2019. So while it has been a tough run, there are definitely growing opportunities for them in the future.

How Recruiting Software can benefit small-businesses

Whether you're an agency recruiter, third-party recruiter, or HR recruiter: Top Talent makes a difference. For a small businesses this could mean the differece between having to shut down or thriving in a market. Your employees is what makes all the difference in the end, but sometimes it can be challengning to find the great candidates out there.

So what are some things in an Applicant Tracking System that can help a small business?

Easy Job Boards + Job Posting

For many businesses - especially small ones - it can be tough to find the best candidates that are perfect for a job. Many times it can be quite the process to try and seek out the workers needed for a position. Figuring out the process of hiring: sourcing, screening, qualifying and either hiring or placing can be quite lengthy.

For those using an Applicant Tracking System, these processes can be streamlined for recruiters of any type. With tools such as customizable job boards and ways to share jobs right to job posting sites, the sourcing portion of this recruiting process can be streamlined. For small businesses to get a handful of qualified candidates seeing and applying to their open positions is extremely beneficial.

In CATS, we have the choice of many job boards for recruiters: some being free to post and others you have to pay to get them in front of people.

Constant Communication

Whether you're recruiting the candidates out there or trying to stay in contact with the applicants from your career portal, communication is a top priority. You want to make sure that there are no big gaps in communication, otherwise a job candidate could get a bad impression or think you're simply not interested in them anymore.

In CATS, you have a few different ways to stay on top of your communications with clients and applicants. Two of the biggest are:

  • Email Sending
  • This is a quick and effective way to reach out to your candidates or applicants and get the hiring process moving along nice and smoothly. These can include attachments, images, source code, status changes and scheduling times.

  • SMS Texting
  • Available only in the US and Canada currently, this CATS feature for individual users can allow you to send text messages straight from your CATS dashboard to candidates. Staying in contact can't be any easier than this. Who doesn't have their phone on them nowadays, right?

Custom Workflows and Triggers

Another thing that many ATS and recruiting software systems have that help recruiters are the custom workflows and triggers.

For many recruiters, their hiring and placement processes can vary. There are so many different ways to customize fields, workflows and triggers in CATS that it makes it custom fit to whoever is doing the hiring. These can be a very powerful way to stay on top of the hiring process and keep all of your candidates moving along in the hiring process.


While these are not conclusive answers for many hiring or recruiting practices, these features are sure to help with any small businesses recruiting situations. Whether it is a tough year or a growing year for the small business sectors of the world, recruiting practices can continue to help them sustain revenues and strong teams.